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Guess Who Died: A Game for the Living

  Every two weeks, I call my parents if they don’t beat me to the punch. The first half is with my father, where I learn about the minutes of daylight lost or gained this season in comparison to my more dramatic latitude, the latest in his battles to defeat encroaching development, and his pre-industrial […]

Some People I Knew

Some People I Knew

I am not sad now. Sad is too light a word, like using steam to build a bridge. What weight could such a bridge hold? But the world is bigger than our sense of it, and, depending on conditions, steam can hold a lot. Trapped inside a cylinder, it can pull a chain and lift that […]

Why I Miss Graham Chapman

Graham Chapman (1941-1989) is the best member of Monty Python, because he is dead. Consider all the projections, revisions, distractions, protestations, enumerations, iterations, pauses, disappearances and re-emergences we have been spared due to Chapman’s being dead. No defending writings that annoy the uptight and religious; no half-realized and forgotten films, like Terry Jones’ “Erik the Viking”; […]

“Hey, It’s Mork!”

On August 11th, 2014, Robin Williams took his own life. He was one of the funniest people alive, perhaps to have ever lived. Who would say differently? Bitter people, and rocks, and things without backbones, but no one sad who needs light. If you are sad, you cannot be a monster. Robin Williams cried a […]

Perfect Little Death

Yesterday was perfect. I saw him, or her, while reviewing the graffiti longstanding on our communal fence. Two planks are gone, making the long gaps of missing teeth in a double-barrier against weeds and freeway. At first there was just wood and some kid’s bubbly spraypaint letters, dust and scum on the concrete foundation. I looked […]

Michael Glawogger Has Died

The Austrian documentary film director Michael Glawogger died on April 22, 2014, a result of misdiagnosed malaria on a film shoot in Liberia. He was only 54. The news came to me only this week. In some places, news does not travel fast, and this is a comfort to me. It allows time for the news to […]

Heavy Little Bag

I am in a park reading when the call comes. I’d forgotten to expect it but once the name shows I know what it is. They’re back. We’re open until seven. I read for a while longer, 30-something moms chasing their toddlers across the green green grass. When they pass within a hundred feet of […]