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Tropics and the Surreal

Time flows in syrup, passing through reed walls on bug legs. Humidity grounds the air to the ocean. Greens glow with the calls of strange birds who speakĀ a sense only they know. Human things merge into the natural world, all the flowers and rocks ignorant of the tiny blip of time in which our things […]

Otter Falls

It’s not summer any more, but my goal has been met. I feel all right; Thursday I feel so good I can’t remember when I last felt such a light, gravity-less ease. Later there’s a break in the rain, sun-hints if not sunbreaks. Think about what a privilege you have, to go out and do […]

Hawai’i Year

Thirteen months ago I returned from that planet in the middle of the Pacific to this one, located beneath the sky and somewhat West of all the action. Thirteen is a loaded number in the West, and for not being in the center of the action I have had my share, especially recently. Thirteen is […]

Alki +2 Weeks

I am good. I have a long list and I work through it one item at a time, crossing them off. Difficult as well as easy ones, annoying and pointless wastes of my time along with things that I am convinced are significant. Down they go. I started making lists in elementary school and find […]

Chess Game

The city of a million stories presents a million other narrative opportunities. Turn a different corner and see a deep green block with beech trees and dress shops with barefoot women in the doorways, versus the corner one more down, all cobblestones rising up through broken asphalt and cabs. Phones now not only allow for […]

List for July

Lists have been a summer staple since elementary school. My mother the teacher would fill it with menial tasks meant to build character or free up her time before the TV or in the pool. It’s a sharp technique. As a kid I looked on the list as yet another invasion of school into every […]


She reached out to me. I was still in Hawaii climbing up mountainsides and listening to lawnmowers and the neighbors shouting at night, not quite relaxed but allowing myself the rental car. I had my profile up but didn’t know why. Was I preparing for an interesting landing when I got home? Part of it […]