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Planets of Gold

1990 is in the past, but its artifacts remain. The first car that was wholly mine was a 1990 Honda Civic, a blue sedan with air conditioning and power everything. The I-35-to-I-20 interchange in Fort Worth, Texas was completed in 1990, the continent’s north-south traffic now funneled through a city-bisecting concrete trough. A year later, […]

Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is the Big Island’s highest mountain measured in the conventional fashion, rising to 13,796 feet from sea level to peak. Locals are happy to point out Kea is in fact far higher than Everest when measured from its true base on the sea floor: almost 33,000 feet, besting Everest by 3/4 of a […]

Mauna Loa

The top of the last mountain is six miles and two thousand feet away. At 13,679 feet, it’s not as high as Mauna Kea, but you can drive to the top of that one. The frequently hair-pinned, one-lane, disintegrating road ends at the Mona Loa Observatory. This is the famed weather station where the atmospheric […]