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Why I Miss Graham Chapman

Graham Chapman (1941-1989) is the best member of Monty Python, because he is dead. Consider all the projections, revisions, distractions, protestations, enumerations, iterations, pauses, disappearances and re-emergences we have been spared due to Chapman’s being dead. No defending writings that annoy the uptight and religious; no half-realized and forgotten films, like Terry Jones’ “Erik the Viking”; […]

Leaving the Last

The Last Unicorn is playing. Parking karma blesses me with a spot near my voice class, only two streets over from the theatre school. Fourth Avenue is the same route I walked to work fifteen years ago, but now is transformed: no longer the broken-down light industrial of Kurt Cobain’s time–his first show at a bar […]

Star in the Sun

Madeleine L’Engle wrote what I once heard called the “Charles Wallace” books. A Wrinkle In Time, The Wind in the Door, and A Swiftly Tilting Planet were my late childhood favorites. Magnetic and all-encompassing, reading was as effortless and breathless as falling into a well, its gullet not consuming, the soft outsides pulling in tight as a light shone […]

Christmas Load Out

Like everything else, Christmas is different now. Holding on to childhood or youthful ideas about how it should be–what we should feel, or the sequence of events that should happen–is a trap. I fell into it for years, and it retains an alluring tug. Lights are everywhere, and cookies. If you don’t feel the magic, […]

Texasland, Not Done

I spent ten days in Texas. I had spent almost all the days from summer 1978 to autumn 1994 there. Many were much, much hotter. Here is a list of places I did not go and things I did not do: My middle school, the great black mass of dark rectangles combined together in one […]


Brooklyn was its own city independent of the other one ascending across the river, building its own history and politics as it slowly assimilated neighboring towns. 1898 joined it to the great amalgam of New York City, but it remains distinct and somewhat untamed in a way dissimilar from the neglected Bronx or Staten Island, […]

Hawai’i Year

Thirteen months ago I returned from that planet in the middle of the Pacific to this one, located beneath the sky and somewhat West of all the action. Thirteen is a loaded number in the West, and for not being in the center of the action I have had my share, especially recently. Thirteen is […]