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Ultimate Heat

What was the weirdest piece of information you came across in your research for the play? I don’t think any of it seemed weird or strange, unfortunately. I was surprised to find out how many nuclear power plants we have in the United States. I was startled to discover that all of our policies on […]

“The Day After”

YouTube is a suggestive whiz. Not in the dirty way your subconscious is thinking, but in terms of linking related things from a greater-than-personal past. A link between Space: 1999 and the assortment of nuclear destruction movies and TV a decade later seems reasonable enough–Moon blown out of orbit by nuclear explosions vis a vis the world flattened […]

Old Man Monkey

As weeks go it has been the last week of August out of elementary school. You wait along with everyone else while adults scurry in their determined ignorance of the weight all around you, an end of all things creeping in. You can feel it in the cartoons sounding distant and tinny, the glazed looks […]