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You Are Not Alone, Again

Why be uncertain? Someone has gone before you. Even imagined time is real enough. Advertisements


Friday night I am in the dark bedroom and see the shape. For a moment time is in multiples and split across itself, the past two weeks erased and the future I thought I was returning to played out correctly, and it’s Friday night and the cat is on the bed as she always is […]


Microsoft spends a fortune on landscaping. At least once a week a small army of men in green coveralls and ear protection show up in their yellow pickup trucks, display their rakes and leafblowers, and cultivate green. Nature is selected, tamed, controlled, given a haircut. Everything is trimmed; nothing is allowed out of place. Weeds […]

Unemployment III

Calling yesterday results in being dismissed by the busy phone robot. Calling first thing in the morning gets you to sit in line on hold as a woman suggests you do what you’re doing on the website, since it is newly redesigned and must therefore be possible. The wait is not long, only fifteen minutes […]