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Ralph’s: More Than Pretty Good

Bernie Sanders is in town. A week before, he filled Key Arena and thousands are left outside by the Seattle Center fountain to watch the stump speech on a portable Jumbotron. A week later he returns, this time to the five-times larger Safeco Field, where the line creeps down Fourth Avenue. I wait two hours. At the end, I watch a […]

Winter of Old

Winter of old returned. For a while at least, and for The America that has forgotten. The ninny media performed its usual work, everyone able to stand out in the cold and take pictures and put them on every screen. The species of logo-wearing meteorologist that hunches against hurricane-driven surf was upstaged. I was grateful. […]

Big Coal Power

On December 13, 2012, the US Corps of Engineers held a hearing. Originally anticipated to be the ignored public function made open for the usual appearances, the Corps moved it to the convention center downtown. A whole floor of downtown Seattle neon and Christmas light was thrown open to a small army of red-t-shirted environmental […]


Sometimes, the sun is out. No more often than you’d expect in December. But it’s a gift. All light is a gift. December is not like last December. A year ago was brand new, vibrant, scary, without precedent. This year is more measured, but feels more lost. Is it darkness after Texas sun? Pills? The […]

New York Trash

The nice Jewish lady riding the train to her midtown Park Avenue neighborhood says the city is clean and green. Greener than just about anywhere with the subway and all, because you just get out and walk and take the subway, right? It’s not like the 1980s when the city was a wreck of grey […]

Second Showcase

My fourth improv class wraps up last Tuesday. Drifted into after the sublime release of the Improv 200 performance, the 300-level class has brought the kind of growth that feels uncomfortable and aborted while it is happening, but becomes apparent when the skills are put on display. The work seemed easier, inertia having crossed over […]

Lower Grey Wolf River

Snow or rain or illness or injury or daylight savings time do not interscede and at last my friend and I make the hike we have been meaning to make. The dog comes because that is what dogs are for. We start early in half-cloud that suggests sun but is not yet sun. The forecast […]