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Planets of Gold

1990 is in the past, but its artifacts remain. The first car that was wholly mine was a 1990 Honda Civic, a blue sedan with air conditioning and power everything. The I-35-to-I-20 interchange in Fort Worth, Texas was completed in 1990, the continent’s north-south traffic now funneled through a city-bisecting concrete trough. A year later, […]

This Is a Test

This is a test: of technology, of wits, of purpose, of the wide open breath that comes with looking out an open window and realizing the glass is gone. What is your test?

Space Shuttle

As a kid, I took to the leftover dream of space and science as to the woods, or sparking pool water. The brilliant men with their slide rules and mastery of numbers dazzled with the machines that would one day take us to the unreal worlds I saw in Bradbury and LeGuin. I had a […]