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Woman, Beaten, on the Train

This woman rode the subway today. I did not notice her and her two small kids, wide-eyed and well-behaved, sitting across from me. Most likely, they were on the train when I got on, and it was me who moved to them when seats opened up. Neither she nor her kids stood out: Seattle’s subway […]

Women of Fear

Trains go everywhere except the stop I need. Up one stop too far, then back down on the other side one stop too far. I believe the map shows trains should stop but they roar past the stop I want, and the five minutes of shaking, rocketing train ride indicates it’s too long to walk, […]

Noo Yoawhk

I am here. No one has noticed. This is the first view I have of the city itself. Taking the advice of the woman I’m subletting the room from, I take the cheapo $16 shuttle from Newark. Lacking all elegance and charm, both the bus and the Port Authority terminal seem a better start. I […]


They grey morning bus ride is like most have been over the past months: starting later than they should, getting me to work later than I should. No one says anything at work; certainly no one says anything on the bus. The biggest difference is my fellow waiters change from pass-showing business casual to artist […]

Bus to Where

I ride the bus to work today. It’s nothing new and hardly exceptional, for the town or myself. I always wanted to live in the big city, and part of that is not being stuck in a car, far from everything. The bus isn’t a limo but it gets you where you need to go. […]