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Tropics and the Surreal

Time flows in syrup, passing through reed walls on bug legs. Humidity grounds the air to the ocean. Greens glow with the calls of strange birds who speak a sense only they know. Human things merge into the natural world, all the flowers and rocks ignorant of the tiny blip of time in which our things […]

The Severe Clear of Now

Yesterday was like today, was like the day the year before, and before. We don’t notice going from 43 to 44 any more than from 23 to 24. Maybe you can see a change with five years, or maybe not. I hope you can at ten. Seattle has been beautiful, and warm. Free of summer’s weight, the […]

Signs of Fall

Fall has come, this year a mess: sunny days, then drenching rain, then grey days of hugging clouds and fog. The season is confused. Got an early summer, grouse mossback locals. Serves us right we get an early fall.  Not having a television cues me in to the signs and moods Thoreau would have known, or old paleolithic […]

First Heat 2

Gas heat, hydronic heat, oil, radiators: all work, but none are romantic. No, not even radiators, with their banging and damp rust smell and burns. For true postwar Seventies wintertime nostalgia, you need electric resistance heat. 1978 was not a rapid winter, or at least the new Texas I was learning didn’t have an autumn […]

Why Sleep Is Hard

The view out my western bedroom window a little after 10 last night. Light in summer has a magic elasticity, able to bend around mountains for a long, long time. The days seem endless, as in childhood, but now the magic is understood. Why do grownups sit in quiet groups, drinking wine and beer, listening […]

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth

The Fourth of July is Seattle’s cool flavor of warm, bright with a light wind. Instead of the traditional drizzly, fog-bound day with fireworks later invisible in the murk, summer starts a day early. It’s a leap year, someone later observes. The day is quiet: no roar from my neighbor the freeway, no Waste Management […]


Summer is coming. The light says it with how things are flattened, the air made bulbous with its weight and presence. In winter the colors are spectacular and thin, but in summer they are painterly, luxurious. Look up and you can see this. In winter the contrail would be thin, white and brittle as spider […]