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Some People I Knew

Some People I Knew

I am not sad now. Sad is too light a word, like using steam to build a bridge. What weight could such a bridge hold? But the world is bigger than our sense of it, and, depending on conditions, steam can hold a lot. Trapped inside a cylinder, it can pull a chain and lift that […]

Ralph’s: More Than Pretty Good

Bernie Sanders is in town. A week before, he filled Key Arena and thousands are left outside by the Seattle Center fountain to watch the stump speech on a portable Jumbotron. A week later he returns, this time to the five-times larger Safeco Field, where the line creeps down Fourth Avenue. I wait two hours. At the end, I watch a […]

Ultimate Heat

What was the weirdest piece of information you came across in your research for the play? I don’t think any of it seemed weird or strange, unfortunately. I was surprised to find out how many nuclear power plants we have in the United States. I was startled to discover that all of our policies on […]

Planets of Gold

1990 is in the past, but its artifacts remain. The first car that was wholly mine was a 1990 Honda Civic, a blue sedan with air conditioning and power everything. The I-35-to-I-20 interchange in Fort Worth, Texas was completed in 1990, the continent’s north-south traffic now funneled through a city-bisecting concrete trough. A year later, […]

The Tower Through

Sunday night phone call, around 8 p.m. Maybe 1985: Helll-lo! Izzis…uh…ah…ah…hey, izzis dah number with dat guy? Guy whos gots all dah answers? I hear yoose gots a guy.  Luigi! Yeah, we gots him! He’s back from his West-chest-ah whirlwind kneecap-crack-a-thon! What’s yoose wants mees toos asks hims? (High school kid laughter.) Hey, Matt. Yo, […]

North Cascades

A month ago, my friend’s ankle hurt too much for a hike. Time plenty for a drive to see what’s there when things are better. I have a screenplay idea where, in the seminal scene, the main character confronts the chasm at a bridge railing–like this one–and considers jumping. In the story, he looks back […]

The Heart of It

My building at work features small rooms meant to provide meeting space without the rigmarole of scheduling. The intention is for impromptu groups to move out of hallways, where they block traffic and annoy others, and slide the door closed. A whole wall is a whiteboard; some have tables and chairs, others noveau-Seventies couches. The […]