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Reality’s Shadow

All that we learn comes in from the outside. Innate behavior shouldn’t count as knowledge. We don’t know why we hunger, and we respond out of the body’s deepest wordless place. The flesh hungers and our sense only returns when it is sated, the fire leaving our eyes. Some–mystic types, mostly–insist we have learned in previous lives, or are given […]

Workingman’s Death

The night I see this movie there is a death, but not in the movie. The only death in the movie happens to goats and cows. Emails announcing thinly attended arthouse films arrive all the time, and I seldom go. When this one came a week ago it grabbed me the way a sunset would, […]


Gorgeous plus stupid is not attractive. I’m an actress, she says, her voice the singsong chirp they learn. Yes. I’m sure you are.

Lies Are Everywhere

Someone recently opined that authority no longer needs consider the media in its calculations, since journalists have devolved into stenographers. I laughed and then realized how dead on that cold hard truth is. When the world is lies, it is very important to be true with yourself. Smartplanet.com – Why Energy Journalism Is so Bad

Friend Lost

My friend lost a good friend last week. In high school, the lead band director would excoriate us in the paramilitary fashion Texas high school band demanded. We needed to show commitment, a hundred and ten percent, total devotion. I don’t want to hear about how you couldn’t make performance because your goddamn dog died. […]